Travel abroad with your pets

Import/Export of Dogs and Cats

Import/Export of Dogs and Cats

We will fill in the necessary information regarding import/export documents.
When importing or exporting, required documents and inspections differ depending on the country. Please note that we are not able to check the required documents for the country of your destination.
For details, please contact the Japanese animal quarantine office or the embassy of the exporting country, etc., and prepare the necessary documents. It may take several weeks for all vaccines and inspections to be completed. Please make preparations well in advance.

Examples of required tests and procedures

Rabies antibody titer test (blood test) → Takes about 1-2 weeks to get the results.
Mixed vaccination within 1 year
Installation of a microchip, extermination of external and internal parasites

Travel and short-term stay for dogs and cats

We will respond to your request for the necessary information in the same way as for imports and exports of dogs and cats.

Fees for documentation

The initial consultation fee is 1000 yen. Documentation fees range from 5,000 to 10,000 yen. Additional fees will be charged if English consultation or documentation in English is required. (All prices do not include tax)