Trimming / Pet Hotel

About trimming at our clinic

We accept trimming for pets that have been seen at our clinic.
However, please understand that the main purpose of this service is health care, and it does not focus on beauty, as is the case with dog show exhibits. 

About trimming at our clinic

Dogs and cats can suffer from skin diseases caused by a variety of factors. These include skin diseases caused by external parasites (e.g., mites), bacterial and fungal infections, and atopic dermatitis and seborrhea, which are largely related to their physical condition. Aggressive skin care backed up by expertise is critical.

Itching, redness, odor, etc. can be controlled by selecting and using the shampoo appropriate for the symptoms and condition. Even in times when pharmacotherapy is necessary, the use of medication can be minimized through rational skin care. 

In addition, from starting this year, carbonated spring water will be used for shampooing. Carbonated spring water therapy is expected to help treat skin diseases and reduce dandruff, dirt, and odors.

Trimming Process

  • We will check the health condition of your pet before shampooing and trimming. 
  • Then, the shampoo product is selected according to reflecting the skin condition. 
  • Carbonated spring water is used for washing and rinsing. 
  • Elderly or sick/ill pets will be trimmed in the presence of a veterinarian. 
  • Trimming includes nail clipping, anal gland treatment, ear cleaning, and eye drop treatment. Shampooing using carbonated spring water is included in the fee. 
  • The trimming fee includes medical examination and treatment.
    Trimming fees vary depending on the breed, size, coat, etc. Please contact us for more information.

About Reservations 

Reservations can be made in advance by phone or at our reception desk. 

Tel: 045-984-4652

About Pet Hotels 

This is brief information on a pet's stay at the pet hotel. Please read them carefully.

About Pet Hotels
  1. Pets we cannot accept
    Dogs, cats, and ferrets that have not been vaccinated within one year
    *We cannot accept dogs, cats, or ferrets that have not been vaccinated within the past year, as there is a possibility that they may transmit various infectious diseases to others during their stay in our hotel.

  2. Calculation of pet care fee
    The fee is calculated per day (in 24-hour units) according to the type and size of pet. Example: A small dog or cat weighing up to 5 kg is kept from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. the next morning: 2,800 yen.
    We do not charge special fees during peak season. 
    Please contact us for details.

  3. Hours for drop-off and pick-up
    Monday-Saturday: during office hours (9:00-12:00/15:00-19:00)
    Sundays and holidays: Medical examinations are closed/unavailable, but you can drop off and pick up your pet. We will set up a time if you to drop off/pick up your pet, so please arrive on time. 

  4. About Reservations
    Reservations are very limited during peak periods such as New Year's holidays, Golden Week, and Obon. Please make reservations well in advance. Reservations can be made at our reception desk or by phone.

  5. Management Arrangement during stay (dog walking, etc.) 
    Dogs will be taken for a walk twice a day, in the morning and evening. In order to adjust the content and frequency of meals according to your situation at home, please let us know when you drop off your pet.

  6. What to bring
    Please bring your usual meals and snacks, preferably in small portions. If you cannot divide food into smaller portions, it would be helpful if you could bring your own lightweight cups and/or other utensils. 
    For rabbits, hamsters, and small birds, please bring a cage or bird cage, in addition to their food and treats.
    Please bring any other toys/towels that your pet uses at home.